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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Chicago hear I come

Well my training with Running Room is over. My Marathon (Chicago) is a little later than the Marathon most people at the Running Room clinics in Vancouver were training for. They were mostly training for the Vancouver Island Marathon. I think that Marathon is this weekend. A few of us were training for Chicago, so our tapering schedule started at different times. So I am now running by myself. I feel kind of crappy about the way it ended, because I had trained with all these people for 13 weeks. You get to know people, you talk, you encourage each other, get mad at others. I was unable to continue running with them during the week as I started school in September. As I was unable to run the Wednesday and Thursday group runs. I started to run by myself. During one of these group runs I was unable to attend, the group decided to change there long runs to Saturdays, instead of Sundays. I was not there while this decision was made, so I showed up for a 32kl run last Sunday with no one to run with. They also are apparently getting together for Dinner tonight (Thursday) I was also was not aware of this until to late, though I also have school. I wouldn't have been able to attend anyway. Now its no ones fault, but it still kind of hurt.

Enough of that though. I am so excited. After my accident (see previous entries) I get confused very easy. I get worried that I will get lost, and wind up not knowing where I am, or how to get home. That is why I loved running with a group.

A couple of weeks ago I showed up late for one of the Sunday runs, a 32kl run. Everyone had left. Now they knew I was going to be late, and they couldn't hold everyone to wait for me. So I was a left a map of where to go. I have a Garmin 305, which is all set for the ten and ones. So I head out from Broadway and Granville, to the New Westminster key. I have no Ipod. I have my water pack, and gel shots. I start running. Its amazing what goes on in your head when you run by yourself. Now keep in mind that I missed some long runs because of an IT band injury. So this was the first long run I had had in a couple of weeks.

I am running by myself, after some time off. I was not only very concerned about getting lost but also just finishing the distance. I was very up-tight that I may not be able to physically run the Marathon. The flight is paid for, the Marathon is paid for, the Hotel is booked. Plus I had talked crap about "being a marathon runner" Needles to say I was a little stressed. I just didn't want to bow out, whatever the reason.

Nothing felt better than getting to the New Westminster Key, and seeing all my running buddies sitting down and eating a snack. I did it. I was able to run the distance, I did it alone, I did without getting lost. I could go that far without quiting. That walk home was one of the best moments of my life. The Marathon was still on. I phoned my Fiance, my sister, my parents. It was truly an incredible feeling. I was able to run. God that feelingis impossible to describe.

I still have some pain when I hit the 19kl, to 20kl mark. Not enough to end a run, but it is there. I have spent many hours with a physio therapist, I spend a minimum of an hour a day stretching, if not more. I have a heavy duty massager that I pound my leg with every night. I also take an aspirin about 10 minutes before my long runs. I know it will take about an hour for the aspirin to take affect. This is about 10kl give or take into my run, and lasts usually a couple of hours. I find that hills, steps, stairs, heights, and curbs are painful. As long as my run is straight and flat, I can run. I am so glad I am running Chicago. It is flat!!!! New shoes also helped with the distance I could run before the pain started.

So Between starting college, getting used to my new apartment, working, and running. I am very busy, but at the same time excited about the Marathon. I get to see my sister, I get to travel with Mandy. This is truly an exciting time.

School is going well, I had my first test in Psychology yesterday, I have a tutor who is helping me out. I also get to see one of my friends who I haven't seen since the bastard moved to England. He is coming into town tomorrow for a night. Mandy and I will be looking at a possible venue for the wedding!!! Shit, I got a lot going on. Sorry there are no picks, I have been a little busy. The next blog entry should have more pictures in it. I am working on video blogs to.

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Chacho said...


Thanks for the comments that you posted on my blog. I am happy to see that your training is going well.

It's very rare that most people do long runs or train for a marathon without a group. I am one of those rare people who always runs alone. My runs are my time to escape from work, family drama, personal issues, and stress. Most of the time I have music with me. The music will depend on my mood. Now that you have discovered the joys of running long alone, do it every once in a while. I'll even try running with a group If I can find some people I get alone with.

I hope you have perfect weather conditions for Chicago.