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Friday, May 28, 2010

Use of Electronic Device While Driving Ticket/Fine

So the other day, May 6th 2010 at 9:02pm to be exact, I got pulled over for using my cell phone while driving on W. Hastings street to pick up my wife. Now this is a well nown drug area and I think the cop was using the "use of an electronic device while driving" to pull me over. He was cool, no big problems with him. He advised me to fight the ticket as he would not show up in court.So the ticket is for $167.00 and I filed a dispute.

While I in no way have an issue with this officer, or the fact that I was using the phone. My issue is this. Yesterday I was driving home and there was a police officer behind me talking on her phone. She was not only talking on her phone, she had it jammed to her head with her shoulder with her left hand as she was entering something into the police computer with her right hand.

This got me thinking, if cell phone use is unsafe for us. Isn't it unsafe for a police officer? Let alone using a computer while talking on the phone? Do they go through specific training to talk on a cell phone, and computer at the same time. Is this course available for other people?

I mean I would take a course if that was offered. Some "learn to drive with distractions" course.

I get the argument that Police offers have to be able to talk on there radio, or use there computer. They need to inform fellow officers and there dispatch of events as they unfold. Totally understand that. I also do agree with the law limiting the use of cell phones while driving. I really do. I just find it curious to watch Police Officers deliberately disobey a law that is a "hot topic" at the moment.

This is just my opinion and it's just a statement. I was obviously a little sensitive after being pulled over. So to see a few days later, a cop laughing on her cell phone jammed with her shoulder and typing on her computer made me think. She was not on her radio (that was on her other shoulder, strapped in) and she appeared to be having a funny talk.