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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So I bought a refurbished Vita-Mixer. If you have not ever heard of one go to the website.

It is trully the coolest kitchen device ever. I can make whole food juices, like those at Jugo Juice. I can make my own Peanut butter, how about a Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup. Or a Brie, Roguefort and Toasted Walnut Fondue. It makes pureed foods for babies (think of the money saved on baby formula!!) And for desert how about Strawberry Yogurt Freeze. Go nuts with WHole Wheat Banana Nut Quick Bread.

Each Vita-Mixer comes with two different containers one wet blade and one dry blade. The Dry blade containers makes breads and pizza dough and bagels. What is awsome is you can go and buy flower and yeast and the dry blade does all the kneeding for you. Through it in a tin, toss it all in the oven and there ya go. Hearty Multi-Grain Bread. I highly recoment this. Enough to make it it's own blog entry. So get one go here and click on the website and check it out.

Iliotibialband Injuries, Starting Douglas, Getting in the Grove

So I have not updated my blog for awhile. It has been very busy. Since the last entry I have gotten all my stuff from my pod (see prev entries), injured my IT band during my my marathon training. Bought a Vita-Mix juicer, paid off all my bills, and signed up for College. I am also working at the Running Room.

After moving into my place, and being here for over two weeks before my pod was delivered. So I slept on a blow up bead. I had a TV but know Cable yet.
this is a picture before the pod, and the next one is after my pod, with my TV, computer, and bed in place.

I have continued with marathon training. I had a major concern as on one of long rungs a few weeks ago, my knee started to hurt. Not much, but I noticed it. I went home stretched relaxed, and was fine for the rest day, and our next short run (6kl). On our next hill session I got up the hill three times, and the third time up the pain came back. So I took a day off the next day, and then went for our long run on Sunday (29kl) and wound up needing a cab after 19kl. I then took two weeks off from running, jumped into physio heads on, and relaxed. The next long run, I get to 20kl and the pain is back. New shoes and more physio and an industrial strength hand held massager and a week of reduced runs. I managed to run 29kl on Sunday. It felt fantastic. On top of running the full distance, I also ran it alone, as I had shown up late, with no Ipod. I ran from Broadway and Granville to New Westminster key. All by myself. The knee hurt but not enough to make me leave.

I am very glad for this as I have talked a lot about the Marathon so if I bailed out know, regardless of the reason, I would never live it down. My trip is also paid for, along with the hotel room, not to mention the Marathon itself.

I also start Douglas in less than 15 days from now. That is freaking me out. I will be taking a math course, an English course, and a Political Science course, as well as psychology course. So lets see what my brain dose with this. I registered as a Person with Disability, and will hopefully get some aid in the classes. I am filling out all the forms for funding as well.

I also bought a bike to help reduce the need for transit. I can actually get to work and school faster with a bike than if I catch transit. I have a helmet, and can use my running gear.

Live if moving forward very fast for me. I am scared and excited at the same time. I just hope I am up for it. It is going to be a very busy Planning for Monday's and My wedding, training for a marathon, and going back to school. Life is about to get nuts.