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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


So I bought a refurbished Vita-Mixer. If you have not ever heard of one go to the website.

It is trully the coolest kitchen device ever. I can make whole food juices, like those at Jugo Juice. I can make my own Peanut butter, how about a Bacon Cheddar Potato Soup. Or a Brie, Roguefort and Toasted Walnut Fondue. It makes pureed foods for babies (think of the money saved on baby formula!!) And for desert how about Strawberry Yogurt Freeze. Go nuts with WHole Wheat Banana Nut Quick Bread.

Each Vita-Mixer comes with two different containers one wet blade and one dry blade. The Dry blade containers makes breads and pizza dough and bagels. What is awsome is you can go and buy flower and yeast and the dry blade does all the kneeding for you. Through it in a tin, toss it all in the oven and there ya go. Hearty Multi-Grain Bread. I highly recoment this. Enough to make it it's own blog entry. So get one go here and click on the website and check it out.

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Mandy said...

I can't believe someone used your blog comments as an op to do some free advertising, that's kinda sleezy, no?