This is what I drank in training, and the Ironman. Now it's the Goofy Challenge

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My personal Lactate, Vo2Max and Energy Usage Analysis for the 2009 Penticton Ironman

I start a training program at Peak Center

So I am going to get on my bike in there and do a lab assesment.

This will help me with my Ironman Training. I am so stoked. I will finally understand how to use my Garmin to it's full potential. Because I have no Idea what most of the options are.

The wedding is coming up!! Both Mandy and I are very excited. I have never been on a cruise so our honey moon after the wedding is Island hopping on a cruse ship in Hawaii. That rocks.

You know there is something wrong with you, when the first thing I look for on the cruise ship is a track, and gym!! They have both BTW!!

That's about all for now. I got to go for a run.