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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Years in Germany

I am back from Europe. What an amazing trip. Mandy and I had a fantastic time. Mandy surprised me with my present for Xmas. I was so sure that I was going to get a camera for Xmas, but instead she paid for my flight to Germany!!!

The trip started on Christmas day. I stayed over at Mandy's house on Christmas eve, woke up for Xmas with her family, then we opened presents and headed off to the airport. We flew from Vancouver to England,
then had a 2 hour wait for our connector, then a 90 minute flight to Neubeuern,Germany. Add a five hour train ride to Rosenheim, and we were tired and completly thrown off time wise. We were met by Nadja, and drove to Neubeuern we stayed in a bed and breakfast. We were very close to the alps. We stayed for a few nights in the Bed and Breakfast, It was truly an awesome time. We got to meat Nadja's Oma and Opa. I really liked her Oma, she had a great sense of humour!! We ate and ate and ate. We shopped and shopped and shopped. We took picture after picture. We got to see some awesome sights. We went to a few places that were awe inspiring. It was amazing to put your hand on something that someone else put there hand there over 400 years ago. It really makes you aware of how young north America is. I took so many pictures and saw so much I figure that for a simpler way to get them all on blogger was to make a collage. I tried to make a slide show, but after spending two hours I can't remember how I did it before. So here is the collage

If you click on the collage you will see the view a little larger. I am sorry that I can't upload a slide show. I will figure it out and update the blog at later date. I do have to study now. Here are a couple more pics I wanted to add, and state again, if you haven't been....go.

Marcel's Family, his Brother Tobias, his Mom Ute, and Father Reinhard. They were just awsome, and made the trip that much better. Something that Mandy often says, "If your going to Germany take a German!!"