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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Chicago Marathon 2006 here I come!

So a fast and dirty email. I have spent 18 weeks training. I have gotten up at 6:00 am on Sunday mornings. I have run over 400kl. I have survived IT band injuries, blisters, cuts, bruises. I have gotten lost. I got to know my running group. I purchased, shoe's, jacket's, sock's, hat's, water bottle's, gel shot's, e-load spots drinks, a Garmin 305 GPS heart rate monitor watch, and of course the training course at the running room. I have had hours of physio therapy, done more hours of stretches. I have talked crap, I have gotten arrogant, I have gotten freaked out. I have wondered why I am doing this. I have wondered why I never did this before. I have downloaded runs to google earth. Taken pictures of my run for my blog. Written down my daily runs.
All the while I have gone back to college, started a job, moved to New Westminster, continued planning my marriage to the worlds most incredible women. I have fallen off my bike, had my bike stolen, ran a crack head out my building. Said goodbye to my parents as they travel north America for god knows how long.
The flight is paid for, the room rented, all necessary items packed. I will add some pictures when I get back
My concerns are whether or not I can finish. Will my knee hold out, will I finish in time. Should I have bought the official jacket of the LaSalle 2006 Chicago Marathon, before I did the run.


wyn said...

Hi Dave. Whether you get this before or after your marathon, I wish you the best of luck in Chicago! I know you're already and barring flaring up of your old injury (fingers crossed for you that it doesn't), you will finish! We all did the training.

And I think you said it really well with, "I have wondered why I never did this before." I think you will have a great time and this could kick off a lifetime of marathoning. =)

Anonymous said...

Have a great race!

Just another runner