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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Back to school

Well I have added another course to my schooling. I take Biology 12 as well as Math, each twice a week. I am also taking the First Aid course by St Johns Ambulance with Mandy next week. I am training for the The Vancouver Sun Run. It's a busy time.

My Memory is still getting better, I am much better than I was originally. Physically I am getting better with crazy work outs, and physio once a week. I am also back to driving.

Driving is also very interesting, as I know how to drive I just often forget where I am going and how to get there. Its not to bad, because I map quest my way to a location, but coming back isn't as easy as backtracking the Map quest route.

Physiotherapy is also terrific, I get stabbed and shocked on a weekly basis. I feel so bad for my physiotherapist though. I often forget by the time I go to see her where I hurt. So I am the guy that goes "hey it hurts when I do this" I also repeat myself a lot. I am glad she has a sense of humour. To help me remember where my body hurts when I lie down at night I right it down (I keep a notebook by my bed), then take it to her when I see her. I also repeat myself a lot. I am glad she has a sense of humour. To help me remember where my body hurts when I lie down at night I right it down (I keep a notebook by my bed), then take it to her when I see her.

I am training for the Sun Run and that is going well. I am a half decent distant runner. I got a new Ipod from my awesome fiance which aids in the boredom of running. I average about between 6k to 12k depending on the day. I have days were I run to a hill, then sprint up it, walk down, sprint back up, walk down, and repeat. I also have distance days, were I add a little distance each time to slowly increase the goal to eventually run a Marathon.

The school is going as well as can be expected, the math is a challenge. I have a tendency to underestimate my ability's. It is still really hard to go to school. I have to read and re read the same thing several times to make it stick, then wright it down, then before class re read everything all over again. It's the same with books that I read, to remember where I am in the book I have to go back several pages to catch up to wear I was. So I'm at chapter 10, but I need to start at chapter 8 just to get back in the flow of the story. Thank god for multiple choice answers.

Doing all the pre wedding stuff is actually fun right now. My fiance and I are both low stress people, and don't feel the need to hurry in to getting married. So we have time to poke around and run ideas of each other. There is a lot more to planning a wedding than just showing up at the chapel though. I don't think I could get away with eloping!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

How I proposed to Mandy

My sister and I flew Mandy in from Vancouver to Toronto on Thursday night, March 2nd. She arrived at the airport at 1:00 am and was met by a pre planned limo.

Kathy and I in the morning before she leaves for Paris.
After dealing with my pre engagement stress for almost two weeks. Thanks Kathy
Kathy say's I am welcome -->

Mandy and I make our way through Toronto to the CN tower. I had made a reservation for us and had asked the waiter to take a picture of Mandy and I as I proposed. I had told Mandy that I was going to get the waiter to take a picture of us eating dinner on the CN Tower. She had no idea I was about to propose.

Look at her face, is she shocked or what!!
Me on one knee placing the wring on her finger. I lover Her

Look at that Smile (below), the Happy couple :*)

We pick up some mementos, from the CN tower gift shop, to help freeze the moment forever. Check out the key chains, we got one each.

We head back to my Sisters by cab and have some champagne and truffles. I had them waiting, along with some special champagne glasses I had picked up just for this moment.

That is the box the truffles came in, is that sweet or what?

I had great help getting the chocolate's and the champagne glasses picked out, by some very encouraging employees at Ashley on Bay St. Here is a picture of the employee's that were instramental in my being able to pull this wonderfull night off. The ladies to the left helped me with the chocolates and the box, the lady below helped me pick out the glasses

The next Morning we head out to do some shopping in Toronto, and to get Mandy's nail's done. Here are some photo's of the stores I had been to while preparing for the proposal, and some pictures of the Toronto Ice Festival.

It was a great trip in Toronto. Here is a picture of the ring, and what a beautiful hand. I love you Mandy.

Friday, March 10, 2006

I went to Toronto and came home with a Fiance

So I spent two and half weeks in TO, Got to see my sister, hang out in the city. Had a great time, love that city. While there My sister and I came up with a great idea. Fly Mandy out and propose to her. I have been planning to propose for the last year and had been saving for a wring, but with my being off work, it got really hard. Kathy donated her diamond earings from Birks to my engagement ring savings, and I was able to get a remarkable ring for Mandy. So we surprised her by telling her we could use my Sisters airmile points to fly her out for a couple of days while my Sister was out of town. Mandy and I have not had alot of alone time since I got out of the hospital and My apartment was sold. So she flew out on Thursday night and got in around 11:00pm or so. We had a car waiting to pick her up and bring her to my Sisters place. The next morning Kathy (my sis) was on her way to Paris with my Mom. Mandy and I woke up and explored the city. I had told her that we had a dinner reservation for the CN Tower for about 5:30 so all day I am walking around with her ring in my bag trying so hard to remember that I had it and were we are going for dinner etc. You try to remember not to say something like that. Remembering what not to say is alot harder than remember what to say. So all day I am in a weird mood, I keep looking at my watch. In my head for the whole day I am going " Don't forget where your going, Don't forget the wring, Don't forget what to say" I cant let her into any of the stores I had been in, because I had been doing some crazy shopping in preperation of her coming out. So all the stores she wanted to go into all knew me, and they all knew I was flying my Girlfriend in to propose. If we walked in and one asked " how was the proposal" well you know. We finally make it to the CN Tower and the meal is great. Just before desert I go talk to the waiter, under the guise that we (photos of this will be added lader)need him to take a picture of us in the few. After handing the camera to the waiter I nervously head back to the table I look at Mandy and tell her that Me and Kathy had lied to her. She was not here just for us to get some time to ouselves, then I drop to one knee and told her how much I love her, and ask her to marry me. She was so suprised she had no idea it was coming, she cried and laughed and was totally shocked. Score one for Dave... To top the night off we cab back to my Sisters apartment and I had some really neat Champagne waiting, with some fantastic truffles, two special crystal glasses, a nice lounge outfit from La Sensa for her, some wedding magazines, a gift certificate to get her nails done, and to seal the proposal of a lifetime some deserts to die for. All and all it was great night (see attached photo for the whole idea of what was waiting for her when she got home ((sorry about my finger getting in the way))

Mandy left Toronto on the Sunday and I came home on the Monday. The wring is being fitted in the Birks here in Vancouver. There is no date set as of yet for the wedding, with me just starting school, and her finishing her fourth year at UBC, the time is not right yet. We expect about a year or so before it happens and are enjoying the engagement.

Once I was back in Vancouver I had My driving lesson from Young Drivers on the left hand turns, so I am back to driving. I have had my Math class and will be starting Biology 12 in the next week or so. All the classes her are on spring break. I am also training for a Marathon. I run almost every day and hit the Gym every other day. Got physio on the go, all and all I am keeping busy. I will be hitting a meating this week as I am know more mobile. My twice weekly visit with my memory dude is ending soon.

This is were I will rant about Occuptainal Therapists. My driving assesment was complete crap. I am wrighting a letter to the Ministry about my frustration with how they go about there business. The power these people have in your days of extream need is something that needs to be rained in.

Thats about it for the last two weeks. Posted by Picasa