This is what I drank in training, and the Ironman. Now it's the Goofy Challenge

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

2007 Vancouver Triathlon / Back in School

I finished the Triathlon. It was truly amazing, we were up at 4:30a.m. and headed down to Stanley Park to set everything up in the transition area.

I waited on the start line for the start, and it was really something to jump into the water with a ton of people all in swim suit's.

Speaking of swim suit's that was the first time I have worn one while swimming. I am used to being in the ocean, I grew up near the beach, and don't mind cold water. I have the Polar Bear swim a couple of times. I got the swim suit because I was told that swimming that long in the water it will make a difference. What I didn't know was that it would actually make it easier to swim. It holds you up in the water. My swim time in the ocean was faster than my training time in the Aquatic center.

After the swim, I run out to my bike.

I then spent the next little while riding my bike around Stanley Park, there is a killer hill (well killer for me) four times. On the third time I asked a fellow biker "how many times are we doing this again"? She said four, I then asked what lap we where on and she said three. Oh the joys of my short term memory. I then dumped of the bike and started the 10kl run. My official numbers are this.

I was #228 out of #246
total 3:23:17

swim 36:51
bike 1:41:55
run 1:04:33

I finish the race and gave Mandy a big sweaty kiss.

Truly an awesome experience. I highly recommend you try one. Even a sprint distance, the Triathlon I did was Olympic, I am getting married next year so I am not going to train for the Ironman but I have already started to think about how to make that work. Hawaii Ironman 2009?? Ya never know.

Today, one day after the triathlon, I started school. I was on academic probation for my shitty biology mark from last semester. The school wanted me to take a semester off to "see how the real world works" I argued the point with, the powers that be, at the school. You see, I did very well in Psych, and Math, and English. So taking a semester off would be pointless, I am not going to become un disabled. I also don't need time to "experience the real world" I mean come on. I have spent almost 20 years in the real world, I don't think a semester off of Douglas will help focus me on my chosen carrier path.

So I made that point to the Head Registrar and they have allowed me back in school. I have to maintain a certain GPA overall or I will be asked to leave for two years. So I have to kick some ass.

One cool thing is I did get into an Abnormal Psych class and our group project this semester is to Volunteer at a Psychiatric Hospital. I am totally stoked on this. So I go get my criminal background test tomorrow and I will be headed to River View Hospital.

Mandy has also started school again, she is going into to the teaching program at UBC, today was her first day. So we have two poor students in the house. I am excited though.

I was looking back at my blog entry's from when I was living at my parents house to now, the first days after my injury, proposing to Mandy, the problems with the government, the frustrations of accepting my disability, the loss of my Grandma and Cousin, going back to school, the Marathon, now the Triathlon and my second year in college. It's been an amazing journey, that doesn't look like it's ending any time soon.

The only question now is what do I do next? Jump out of a plane, deep sea diving? Who knows, I will sleep on it.