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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Changing the Training Paradigm

So after some weird sicknesses (yes over training was part of it). I am now working on just purely distance. When I am running a marathon a day. I will need to have to have the stamina to run that every day. So I have built up a strong core. I focused on strength training, speed running, and trying to increase my Marathon finish time.

I did this not because I am fast runner. I want to be able run under 5 hours each day for the pure reason that I don't want to run that long every day. I also want to increase my ability to prevent injuries. So the build period is over. I am now just training for the consistent ability to run for 5 or so hours a day.

This is the most boring part of the training as it is just logging a sick amount of hours running. Every day, running, running, running.

I love running outside, I love all the weather types. I actually prefer cold to hot when training. I really like running in storms, and wind, and rain, and even snow. Although I don't like ice. Ice sucks for distance running because of the attention you have put into each step.

Right now however I am running on a treadmill for two reasons. One I am lazy ;') Really I am. I don't want to put on all the layers you need to run in the cold. Not now anyway. It's easy to run to the treadmill and throw in the run. Shorts, shirt, shoes and your good. However outdoors, is all about layering, from my compression closing, to my heat layering, to my water layering, to my water bottles, my keys, my phone, my music, etc. Prep time is huge. So see I am lazy!!

However I hate the treadmill. It's just me staring at the same thing for 30 minutes, to 4 hours. Really boring. Our gym has now put in a couple of TV's so that ad's some distraction.

Although I feel fantastic after running today. I hate being sick.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010