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Thursday, November 01, 2007

HP dv9310ca, Vista Ultimate, and a new Garmin 305

So I won a new computer from the Microsoft "Summer Lovin'" contest, it's a HP dv9310ca, I won a copy of Vista Ultimate, and Office 2007 Student addition. It's super cool and replaces the old home PC I had that was running windows 2000. This computer is an entertainment notebook.

The contest was a short essay on how you use Microsoft and it's software to help you in summer. I just wrote I use Outlook calender to remind me what I need to do, the to do list, and I connect it all to my Windows Mobile phone to remind me where I need to be. It turns out my essay rocked, so I won. Here is the link to the essay It is titled Microsoft Office Outlook is my memory

The computer is very cool, it's a wide screen that is HD. I got an Xbox 360 for my birthday and this computer comes with Windows Media Center. So I can hook up my Xbox 360 as a media extender. What the hell does that mean you ask. Well it means that I can do things like have TV cable come to my PC, send the image to my Xbox 360 and watch TV on my regular TV, or computer. Ok not a big deal, I mean I can watch TV without the computer. AH but think about it this way. It stores the information on the Memory of the Xbox. So I can pause life TV, rewind, or fast forward through commercials. I can also set it to record an episode of a show that I am not at home to watch.

Vista is cool, it's new but it is very intuitive. It took me awhile to set it all up and I am still playing with it. It is very pretty.

I also got my Garmin back. I sent it back as I was no longer getting my cadence on my bike. I phoned and emailed Garmin support but was unable to resolve issue. So I sent it in to there repair department.They sent me a brand new Garmin, and Cadence sensor.

School has been intense and I will be finishing this semester off, and then switching to BCIT a Tech school. I am looking at becoming an Electrical apprentice. At my rate to get out of college with a degree, because of my disability. I am looking at 5-6 years or more for a bachelors degree. Where I can do one semester at BCIT and start working as an apprentice.