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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Triathlon Training Started in Earnest.

Here is the latest news. Mandy has moved in, school has started, training for the Triathlon is one day old.

So yesterday I went for a swim at the Canada Games Pool.

I had a 300 yard swim, and realized that I may be able to run forever, I can bike even longer, but my swimming sucks. I mean I can swim, but man was that exhausting. I am thinking about getting some swim training. My form is OK but I think I need a little fine tuning, OK allot of fine tuning.

I was feeling pretty good after the swim and my class was cancelled by the teacher, so I thought I would throw in a short 6kl run. So I headed out to the New Westminster Quay.

It was nice run, a little cloudy, but warm without being to warm. I am predicting a very hot summer this year.

I was having some issue with my Garmin 305 picking up a satellite signal. Turns out there was an update for both the software, and the actual signal receiver. I only updated one part. I played with it today after updating and it works awesome. I am looking forward to using on my bike as I have only done that once. I purchased the Cadence Sensor for my 305 while I was working for the Running Room.

I will be using it tomorrow on my first bike ride in my Tri training.

Other Tri News, I had to return my Backpack I got from Rocket Science Sports. There were some minor issues with it. Let me tell ya not only were there no questions asked, but I got a pair of water bottles and a T-Shirt from them. Hear is there link What an awesome company. Rarely do you get a good product, at a good price, that treats you well, and stands by there product. Can't say enough good things about my experience with them. Here is a picture of my pack.

School is going good, I am in my second week. I have my first semester Psych teacher who rocks. Does a good teacher ever make a difference. I am retaking this semester as I overwhelmed myself last semester. Between school, work, training, nasty neighbors, and the government, I got my ass kicked. So I have licked my wounds and I am back into it. Not working, not teaching a clinic, new neighbors, and a great couple of teachers.

Mandy has moved in and that is a great help. I am able to focus on school, and training. I have a lot of help with things like shopping, laundry, and organizing. Simple things like remembering to the laundry can over whelm me. So to have some assistance on the daily issues really makes a difference. We also have a truck we have put back on the road so that makes it easier to get around. We only use it when we have a big shop to do, or on the weekends when we want to go visit someone. Also with the freaking price of gas, it is so much cheaper to bus, or run, or ride a bike.

The wedding planning is continuing, it is crazy how time just flows buy. Even when you don't remember it.

I had a CT scan the other week, and I have "Sleep Deprived EEG" to figure out what is going on my head. The headaches have gone down a bit, but I still get some weird smells now and then.

That is about it, I need to go study now.