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Monday, July 10, 2006

Working, Moving, Running, Starting College, and Shooting up.

Well I have moved in to my new place, the colors are spectacular, the floors are awesome. The inside is really cool, new toilet, new oven & stove. Here are some before and after pics of the bathroom. I am still waiting for my pod, which contains all of my belongings from my old place. Since I had to move from my apartment in Burnaby to my parents house when I was out of the hospital for only three days, I really don't remember what I stored in my pod (a mobile mini storage unit) It all happened so fast (see prev blog entries)So for right now I am sleeping on a blow up bed provided by Nadja. I had started a new job at a company called E-Care which is a collection company for online payday loan company's. Its a really strange job. It is basically an online money mart . It is only available in the USA with the collection department in Canada. I phone the people that don't pay. It is very confusing for me, and really hard to remember the American collection laws, Bankruptcy laws, and legalities, not to mention the computer programs they use. So I have decided to leave this company after only a week. I applied to the Running room in Richmond for a job. I have an interview today at 3:00 pm. I figure with school starting in September I need a less stressful job. So the money wont be the same but the stress level will be much lower.

I have also just got back from Douglas College and found out where I stand with with what courses I need for my Pre-Nursing. It will still be about a year, before I can take the Pre-Nursing courses, and I still have to take my English tests to see where I stand with that. So I am still looking at a year or so of upgrading before I can take the pre nursing.

RBC is offering me a departure payment, as while I was in the hospital my job was outsourced. So I had no job to return to when I recovered to the point of being able to return to work. I get a set amount of money if I want a lump some of money, or I can get double the amount of money in biweekly payments as long as I make an effort to look for a job. I also have my 5 years of RRSP in RBC stocks that I can cash in and I am still waiting for my tax refund as well.
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The Marathon training is going well. I have some more pics of our runs, the last two Sundays have been 16kl runs, I run them in about two hours, and have kept up with my weekly tempo runs. I missed a couple of days but only when I was moving all day and working. I have an average of about 30-35 kl per week (give or take I haven't been updating my running logs very much)

Here is a picture of some gentlemen cooking something in a camping barbecue outside my bathroom window. They are literally about a foot and a half from my window smoking something, and cooking something that sure aint food in the barbecue. I took a picture from my kitchen window, and you can kind of see the barbecue and the dudes. I walked out pretending to put the garbage out and asked them what they were doing. They told me they were just waiting for there friend to come home. I told them they can't cook there as it is right outside my bathroom window, and they'll have to wait for there friend off the property. I apologize for the crappy picture
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