This is what I drank in training, and the Ironman. Now it's the Goofy Challenge

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 Goofy Challenge at Disney World

So it has been two weeks today that I finished the Penticton Ironman. A week after getting home I was hit by a cold or a flu and today I started to feel better. So I am starting my Training Plan for the Goofy Challenge. It is a marathon on the Saturday and a half-marathon on the Sunday. Goofy Race and Half Challenge 2010

I will be working more this time around as the training schedule will be less intense than the Ironman training. I still want to push myself as I am going to be seeing how I do on running such great distances back to back. I am planning on running a Marathon a day from one side of Canada to the other in the next year or so.

I am unsure if I should make a new blog for the Goofy Challenge, or just add it to this blog. I think I will do it on this blog.

I will post my workout schedule and if anyone wants to go for a run, just email me. I am going to train for an under 3:00 marathon time and a 2 hour Half time. Thinking that on the Sunday I will be a little sore. If anyone has any training advice let me know.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I am now an Ironman

On August 29, 2009 in 14:03:04 I became an Ironman. You can see the journey here

It was a great day, and a long way in the making. I would not have been able to do this without a tremendous amount of help. While this blog is not about the Ironman (please see David's Journey to Ironman) it is about my brain injury and the challenges that I face.

The journey had its own unique challenges. Planning the three parts of a triathlon is a challenge to anyone without a brain injury. During my training I moved, faced challenges at school, employment, and got married. Lots of events that are huge life changes happened during training during this time I was lucky enough to have a great trainer from Training Bible Coaching. Carla Hastert was amazing. I owe her so much. She not only took on the challenge of training someone with a brain injury. She did this at no cost. She is the hero. I just did what she told me to do.

I was able to download and upload her workouts to my Garmin’s and then go about my workouts. The runs and bikes worked out pretty good. The only challenge was the swim.

How does someone who doesn’t remember what lap they are on, get in any kind of a quality workout. When we are talking about the 3.8kl distance needed for the Ironman. How does the athlete remember the laps? The drills.

With the Garmin I can put specific workouts in, I can do heart rate, speed drills, cadence drills, time drills, etc. When I am in the water however it is just me.

After many different ideas we found some water proof paper. I right down my specific drills. I.e. free style, kick's with the board, and other drills. I could mark down when I finished a lap, and keep track, so I would not over or under train.

This was a miracle for me. It made the swim for me.

Training for the Ironman is a challenge for anyone. Training with a brain injury brings it own unique challenges. I want others with TBI to know that anything is possible. We can do anything with the right technology, although it is still up to us to put in the work.

The next challenge is the Goofy Challenge. That is a Half Marathon on a Saturday and a Full marathon on the Sunday. I will keep you updated.