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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mandy's Birthday Weekend Spectacular/Triathlon Swimming

I was up at 6:15 with Mandy this morning. Had the juice and grapefruit, dropped Mandy off at sky train, and I headed to the pool.

I did a Warm up of 200 meters, each length is 50 meters so 200 is four laps. Then I did 8 x 50 meter laps, resting after each one for 30 seconds. I did a cool down of swimming on my back and just kicking.

Also met what may be my future trainer. I need some help with the swim. I biked for a couple of hours the other day, yesterday was a 20 minute bike ride. So today was the swim, then home to get ready for school.

I am supposed to be studying right now for my Psych test, but I decided to enter a blog update. As soon as class is done, I am heading home to rest for a bit, then heading out for a run.

I need to pick up another bike shirt. It's been a busy weekend with Mandy's birthday. I rented a boat on Friday so we could go for a boat ride, and lunch out on the water. Great Idea, I thought I was being supper Fiance. I forgot that Mandy gets sea sick!!! It was all good though, we took the boat back and went out for lunch down at Granville Island.

It was a whole weekend of Birthday celebration for Mandy, yesterday we went out for dim sum with her Grandma, sis, and mother. Then I did some studying while she tutored. Then we went out to a Noodle house for dinner with the Johannsen's, and Mandy's Mom, sis, and cousin Mathew.

The restaurant was called the Noodle Box, it was really good. We then went home to prep for today. So I am sitting outside my Psych class, I studied a little bit, but should probably get back to it..........

Happy Birthday Weekend Mandy