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Thursday, June 28, 2007

HTC S621 Smartphone, Triathlon Training, School

So a few months ago Mandy and I sent out some letters to various company's like Palm, Blackberry, Roger, Telus, and others. One of these company's was called HTC. I am adding there website to my blog under the links.

They responded and sent me this

It's basically like my palm on crack. It has a cell phone, a camera, a video camera, plays music, has WiFi, plus it syncs with my laptop so all my contacts, my to do lists, my email. I can take it all with me with one small device. It is truly an amazing product. I can go to Google earth and get directions when I get lost. It really is a very cool device. I have been using it to record some of my tutoring information, so moments before a test I can play a video of stuff like Biology notes.

I got a 2GB micro SD card into it. It runs with Windows Mobile. So I can download Outlook, Windows Media Files, Microsoft Office files, pictures, music, videos, not to mention lecture notes etc. I am going to ask for the GPS accessory for my b-day.

I have also finished my tattoo,

School is going much better than last semester, my grades are up and my ability to understand the information has improved. My tutor and I get together just before my weekly exam for Bio and catch up on the notes. Biology is still brutal for me.

My Triathlon training is in full gear, this was my training for today
(100 swim, 100 kick, 100 drill) x 2
3-5 x 100 (15-20 second rest) after each 100
Cool down 200 of whatever (there and back = 100)

Each 100 is a ,there and back, down the 50m pool length. I am thinking about getting some help with my swimming stroke. I mean I can swim, I just think I can increase my stroke and my technique. I don't have allot of $$ though so we will see.

The last couple of days have been like this.
Up at 6:15 with Mandy, Have juice and breakfast. Head out to the pool for my swimming. Then head home, eat, study then school. After school, get home and eat. Prep for dinner, prepare juice for next day. Head out for run. Get back home, eat dinner, study. Try to fit some time to actually talk to Mandy.

I got to tell ya, I really enjoy this. I mean I am doing stuff I really like, I am putting everything I have into everything I am doing. If I fail, or fall, or suck. At least I know I honestly did my best. It's weird. I think I am enjoying things. It has been a long time since I was this content.

Mandy's birthday is coming up. I will blog my gift to her and some surprises I have already for tomorrow. She does read the blog so I have to be carefull. Anyway I got to study........then run.........