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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Garmin nuvi 650. Navigation for the Brain Injured. Microsoft Racing Wheel & Chiropractor's

One of the issues I face, after my TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), is finding my way around town. I grew up in B.C. and I know it like the back of my hand. After my accident I find it very difficult to "get my bearings" I no longer have the ability to register north and south. My internal GPS is broken. I got a Garmin 305 to help me when I ran (see previous posts). This was convenient for helping me keep track of where I was, and helped my get back to where I stated. It has a neat feature that sends you back to your starting position. Although I couldnt use it when I needed to drive to school, or go meet Mandy, or even find the local grocery store.

My parents had purchased a GPS for there car and loved it. The cost for a quality GPS though can be expensive. Needles to say, being a student, having a disability, and saving for my wedding, does not make for a financially profitable environment. So shelling out a few hundred bucks for car navigation didn’t seem like a priority.

We were at Costco one day and saw this nuvi 650

After thinking about it, Mandy and I decided to purchase it. What an amazing little device. It is quite intuitive and really easy to use. I mean if I can use it with my damaged brain imagine what you can do with it!

If you are a person with a brain injury or know someone who has had one, or if you just get lost really easy, this thing greatly reduces stress. It also stops those arguments we all have, when we get lost,and the subsequent argument that starts with the navigator/spouse!!

I threw my back out the other day and my Dr. recommended a Chiropractor who has not only fixed my back but fixed some the things that I have been complaining about for years. He was a real, down to earth, kind of guy to. I am also getting clinical massages that are helping me out.

I purchased the Microsoft Racing Wheel and the thing rocks. I use it with my Pyramat Gaming Chair. So I get to sit in my little gaming chair and then set up my racing wheel, and go for a drive. Loving it!!

The wedding planning is continuing. I got a great suit at Holt Renfrew fitted just for me. The cool thing is, while the suit may be hot for a Hawaii wedding. I will have a gorgeous suit I can use later on. I have never owned such a nice piece of clothing.

We are currently viewing a few photographers. The wedding will be in Hawaii, but we are going to have a Chinese ceremony in Vancouver. So we are looking for a photographer for that. Other than that, nothing else is really new.