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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Triathlon Training Started Today

Well, I had my first 10 kl ride on my new bike today. I have had a few days off from school. Yesterday I stayed in bed way to long, played video games, rented a movie and ate pizza. So today feeling fat, and out of shape I decided to head out to the Running Room in Burnaby where I work now. It's almost a perfect 10kl bike/run. So I threw on all my gear, loaded the Garmin, and tracked my ride.

My bike is a Kona Jake, that I bought at Dizzy cycles. Fantastic bike. Its not a specific Tri bike and I am sure I will here lots of crap from all the hardcore Tri people, but it works for me as a bike I can ride on the road with and still take my school books, and the occasional groceries back and forth.

I felt fantastic today, the weather was a little cool, there is still some snow kicking around in some places. It was a really good ride. I have ordered the Garmin Bike accessory through work and I am waiting for it to come in.

Mandy and I are getting ready for are trip to Germany. I am very excited, our trip is paid for, we have a train pass, we have plane tickets, I will probably go through my pack and repack, pack and repack scenario again. Ever since my accident I get a little odd at packing stuff. I try to think of every possible thing I will need, and then pack it. By the time I get to the last item I forgot what I put in there in the first place. So I unpack it. Then repack it again. Then forget whats in it. It's not fun, mentally I know I will be OK, even if I forgot something I can always pick something up. Getting my brain to understand that isn't as easy as you would think. What's more frustrating is before the accident I could pack in 20 minutes and be done with it. Now it takes hours.

School is out. Waiting on my final marks. I got B- in English. My math doesn't really get a grade, I just move on the next step. I was in math 1110, now I am in 2110. I had my final test in psych and think I totally flunked, but we will see. It seams that when I think I did really good, I suck. When I think I did bad I do well. I still think I sucked. Got my official marathon photos and they were fantastic. It was funny cuz I got three photos, one of me and my sister at the finish line, one of the two of us during the marathon, and then one of Kathy. Mandy asked why I didn't get one of just me. I guess I don't really want to look at me!

The Running Room in Burnaby that I have transferred to is way closer than the Richmond one. So my travel time is so much better I can ride or run there. No pictures with this post. Just wanted to keep up to date.

Feeling good. Looking forward to Xmas in Germany, I have never traveled that much. I mean the Marathon in Chicago was my first trip outside of Canada. I mean I have travelled to Toronto a few times, but never off of this continent. I will have my little camera and will blog the trip. Shit it's almost Christmas.