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Monday, March 17, 2008

Started My Ironman 2009 Training

OK so I went for the second run of the week yesterday. Mandy and I are running together. We head to the track and do some laps. She is beginning the whole running thing. As we both have our own pace and distance ability, we run around the track at our pace and can still be in roughly the same place. We tried running out on the street, but as our speeds and distance aren't the same, we found running the track (for the three days we run together) works out really well.

Heading out for a bike tomorrow, and try to get in a quick 10kl run. I am heading to my new Dentist tomorrow, so we will see how I feel.

I have registered for the Framing and Forming class at BCIT. It is the first step to the Carpentry program. So I take this semester of training, then one more semester after that. Then I am out doing my apprenticeship.

The wedding is up and coming, holy shit we are getting married. It is going to be my first trip to Hawaii. Then the honey moon is cruising the islands on a cruise ship. What does it say when one of the first things I look for is a pool I can swim in, and treadmill I can run on. There is something really wrong with me.

So I have to be in Penticton for the August 2008 Ironman to register for the 2009 Ironman. I also just like writing the word Ironman. I am trying to find some events to do between now and then. Maybe a Marathon or another Olympic distance Tri. We will see.

I am toying with the idea of using my blog as a vlog (video log) Maybe start recording the training process over the next year and a bit. We will see.