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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Iliotibialband Injuries, Starting Douglas, Getting in the Grove

So I have not updated my blog for awhile. It has been very busy. Since the last entry I have gotten all my stuff from my pod (see prev entries), injured my IT band during my my marathon training. Bought a Vita-Mix juicer, paid off all my bills, and signed up for College. I am also working at the Running Room.

After moving into my place, and being here for over two weeks before my pod was delivered. So I slept on a blow up bead. I had a TV but know Cable yet.
this is a picture before the pod, and the next one is after my pod, with my TV, computer, and bed in place.

I have continued with marathon training. I had a major concern as on one of long rungs a few weeks ago, my knee started to hurt. Not much, but I noticed it. I went home stretched relaxed, and was fine for the rest day, and our next short run (6kl). On our next hill session I got up the hill three times, and the third time up the pain came back. So I took a day off the next day, and then went for our long run on Sunday (29kl) and wound up needing a cab after 19kl. I then took two weeks off from running, jumped into physio heads on, and relaxed. The next long run, I get to 20kl and the pain is back. New shoes and more physio and an industrial strength hand held massager and a week of reduced runs. I managed to run 29kl on Sunday. It felt fantastic. On top of running the full distance, I also ran it alone, as I had shown up late, with no Ipod. I ran from Broadway and Granville to New Westminster key. All by myself. The knee hurt but not enough to make me leave.

I am very glad for this as I have talked a lot about the Marathon so if I bailed out know, regardless of the reason, I would never live it down. My trip is also paid for, along with the hotel room, not to mention the Marathon itself.

I also start Douglas in less than 15 days from now. That is freaking me out. I will be taking a math course, an English course, and a Political Science course, as well as psychology course. So lets see what my brain dose with this. I registered as a Person with Disability, and will hopefully get some aid in the classes. I am filling out all the forms for funding as well.

I also bought a bike to help reduce the need for transit. I can actually get to work and school faster with a bike than if I catch transit. I have a helmet, and can use my running gear.

Live if moving forward very fast for me. I am scared and excited at the same time. I just hope I am up for it. It is going to be a very busy Planning for Monday's and My wedding, training for a marathon, and going back to school. Life is about to get nuts.

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Chacho said...

I know the Marathon is getting closer. Are you feeling better now? Please update.