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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I hate smokers at bus stops and on Transit

I have the strangest thoughts sometimes. Even after brain injury, drug addiction, marriage, and a whole host of other issues, I still find myself day dreaming really odd things.

Today I am out on a run through town. As I get to the bus stop there is this fat old white guy smoking a cigarette. Just behind him is a really skinny middle aged Asian dude smoking a cigarette to. I get this weird image in my head. It goes something like this.

I grab there cigarettes and toss them into the oncoming traffic. When they say something about it, I just look at them and say

"What are you mad that I won't you give me cancer"?

In my head I see them backing down, I run down the road saving the world from two more cigarettes. Maybe they even decide to quit smoking.

You see smoking at bus stops is kind of an issue for me. Well smoking anywhere in public pisses me off. Especially when I am running and I get a nice excelled mouth full of there exhaust.

What gets me about the bus stops is that when it is really wet out everyone stand under the little cover. There is usually one guy who lights up a smoke, oblivious that this then goes into every ones breathing space. I am faced with two options as I see it, I can walk out in the rain, or I can tell them to get out of the covered area and smoke in the rain.

The way I see this is go ahead and kill yourself I don't care. Just don't kill me, or the others in the same space. If you have to stand out in the rain that's your issue. You can always put it out and stand in the covered area.

The other smoker I hate is the one that takes that last big drag just before they got on the bus. Exhaling just as they get on. Some bus drivers get pissed off, others don't care. I hate standing next to these idiots on a crowded bus. I can feel the smoke in my eyes. The smell is something else to.

Then there are the smokers on the skytrain platforms. I am that guy that points to the "no smoking" signs everywhere. I don't care if you can't speak English, you can tell what a sign that has a cigarette with a cross over it is telling you.

I am sure one day I will get punched in the head for the comments I make to them. I just don't get it. I was a smoker, for years. I quit in 2002. I was always very aware that I was smoking though.

I would like to see transit get a little more aggressive with the smokers at the bus stops.

That is my rant for the day. The reason I posted this was because as I have running the last few days, I have really started to notice the amount of smokers everywhere. I know you can't smoke in doors. This now means that people just stand outside a business and smoke right at the door. Meaning that when I have to go in, or run buy, I get a nice inhale of second hand smoke.

I have been starting to get more aggressive. I have no idea what the psychology behind that is, I just know that I am getting a little to angry. I just want to rip those cigs out of there hands, steal the box, and then run away. Oh I dream of a guy with a nice big cigar......easy target.

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