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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vancouver Sun Run 2007, Wheat Grass, Starting the Triathlon Training

Well the Sun Run is over; my finish time was 1:10:46 I was the 22340 person to finish. It was a total blast this year, and I was not tripped by little old lady this time. I ran with Mandy, Junko, and Mathew. Mathew and I trained at the Running Room. I was the instructor for the clinic, and he was a client. He is also Mandy’s cousin. We stuck together for the most part, but we got a little separated near the end.

It was crazy busy, there were 54,317 people there. You spend most of your time trying not to run into someone else, and I spent a lot of the time yelling at people “Walkers to the Right” over and over again. It was a really good time. We all jumped on the skytrain (after some drama as to which skytrain) and then we went to Mandy's and had a great breakfast by here mom.

My neighbors upstairs are gone. What a drama that was, on the day that legally, they were to be out, the Landlord and I entered the suite. We find they had not packed anything up. As we are going through the suite wondering what to do, one of the tenants came home. He apparently was never informed by the other tenants he was evicted. He works for a moving company so was able to get his stuff out by the next day.

The property owners are now looking for other tenants, but being a little more causes as to whom they rent too.

I have had a weird couple of weeks. I showing some sines of depression, and made an appointment to see my Dr. I quit work, and stopped school. I wound up sitting in my bed and trying to get the energy to run, or bike, or anything. However, the crap that has gone on in the last few months completely over whelmed me. Therefore, I made an appointment to see my Dr. and have been referred to a Neurologist. There is some concern that the neurons in my head may be miss firing. He does not think I am depressed, but may have developed some OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and need to have my brain looked at.

I am also getting my Tattoo finished, and I am going to have an older tattoo I had from a previous relationship removed. When I was 16, I got a Tattoo of a girl's name on my chest. I know, I know. Hey what can I say, I did a few drugs back in the day, and I was probably stoned. Anyway, I do not really want to have another girls name on me when I marry Mandy and I am sure Mandy does not want me to have it any more either. My first hint was when she was trying to scratch it out of me the other night.

So I am going to have some laser surgery done to soften up the color, and then place a new tattoo over top of it. I am much more finiky of what I get put on my body these days so I am maybe going to put a fish on it. Mandy and I are thinking maybe a Koy Fish, I will update this down the road.

One cool thing is my Wheat Grass came. In previous posts I talked about my Vita-Mixer, and how I loved making my own whole food juices. Well I got addicted to wheat grass when I was in Toronto last year. I also got a little tired of paying $1.50 a shot for it. So I asked at the local Juggo Juice who there supplier was, and called the dude. It is $12.00 for a tray of wheat grass. I will get about 20-30 shots of wheat grass for that. Instead of the $45.00, it would cost to buy the same amount at the juice store.

I am also starting my Triathlon training in the coming weeks. I am going to get my but up and moving. Start the swimming, biking, and running. I will be focusing on school only this semester and not working, or instructing a clinic, if I still struggle than this will mean that the courses I have chosen are not for me, and I will reevaluate what I am doing.

Mandy is moving in at the end of the month, so that will help with things like, cooking, shopping, laundry etc. It will also help financially as I will not be working. We have a limited amount of space in this little bachelor pad. I have no doubts we will make this work.

I am having more issues with Social Service. I have to declare my income each month as this determines how much support I receive from them for my disability income. So last semester I received a $200.00 grant from an unknown donor. I declared that on my form, as exactly that. I received in the mail today the form returned for reasons that “$200.00 from donor? Do you mean a loan or gift? Explain and return form"

So I went to the Oxford dictionary online, and wrote on the form

• Noun 1) a sum of money given by a government or public body for a particular purpose. 2) The action of granting something. 3) Law a legal conveyance or formal conferment.

I then went to Social Service stood in line and handed it in. It is so stupid that they make it so difficult to work, or try and earn an income. As a person with disability, I receive a certain amount of money from the government. I want to work for two reasons, 1) I get bored not working and 2) I want to add to my total income. When I was working 1 day a week. I increased the amount of money I had each month by about $60-$80, for every dollar I earn they reduce the amount of support I receive. Which I am totally down for. The problem with this though, has been the process of declaring your income, I have had nothing but problems doing this. The amount of time, the line-ups, the treatment, the insults, the frustration. It really isn’t worth the extra money each month to work. So I quit the job.

This, at the end of the day, means that the taxpayers pay more money for me not to work. Crazy. I have written our local government, I have written Social Service, the newspapers, I have blogged about this, and it is so stupid.

Anyway with not working, not teaching a clinic, having the neighbors gone, and Mandy living with me. I am expecting a much better GPA this semester. I will be starting my Triathlon training so keep checking out the post


Anonymous said...

Good to read your blog as usual.

How many miles or (k's) was this event? I know the largest 10k in the states is held in Atlanta Georgia every March.

Do they pass out running chips to track your time or do you just go by what the gun says?

Glad to see that you are out of your depression. I get the same way sometimes..more so on weekends when I don't go to work and get bored. I try to keep myself busy so that I won't feel bad. I am looking for a summer race to run so that I can keep training. I signed up to run the NYC marathon in November but I won't know if I got accepted until June.

Take Care

Stu Elmes said...

hi dave, this is stu. we recieved you email. i cant tell you exactly what your clean date is, but i can tell you that your first day in the house was november 5, 2001. i hope this is helpful. call me (604) 839-3269 if u have any questions. by the way, do you have that $500 i lent you a couple months ago? hope to heaR FROM YOU soon.