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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I can't live with my neighbors anymore.

This is a copy of my apartment complaints. I am going to head to the police office to pick up a copy of the police complaints I have made via the Freedom of Information Act. It has been confirmed that the tenants above me will not be hear. It has be reconfirmed by my landlord Raj (daughter of owner) This does not mean however that the tenants will be moved out. It has been really strange. I thought the landlord was getting a sheriff, I mean that is what I understood. Now it appears I am getting a different story. At the end of the day, it has been confirmed that they are out at the end of the month. If this turns out not be true, Then I am gone.

Even if I move; I still have to give 30 days notice, and buy the time I finish looking at places, and disconnect everything, pack my stuff, get it all moved, unpack, change my address. I am out allot of time and money. I have my finals coming up.....It's not just that, it takes me so long to remember what key is for my door, what bus I have to catch. Where is the grocery store. I don't know. I am starting to get extremely depressed. I feel like no matter what I do there is no good option. I just want to live in a safe place, and focus on school, the wedding, the Triathlon.

It makes me wonder though, as since my accident I have felt extremely stressed. I do know that last semester, was difficult, but was also doable. This semester my stress is overwhelming. School is kicking my ass, work is stressing me out, the apartment is taking it's toll on me, social service is also stressful. I mean it's enough to make me wonder if it's the way I am inputting the information. I don't think the world is out to get me, but when you are constantly frustrated, and feels like whenever something good happens, 6 bad things happen. I just want a routine, a calm routine, with some sort of stability. Hell maybe I am nuts. I don't know. I just feel so frustrated, and so useless. It seems like whats the point, why not just sit back and live of disability, less stress, consistency. I don't know. Here is a list I made of all my complaints. One good thing about the brain injury is I right everything down.

Apartment complaints since I moved in July 6th

1. July 24, 2006. Front door left open twice, very loud upstairs, told them @ 10:00 am to keep door closed, woke up again at 2:45 am as I can hear people talking at front door. I get up to check and they have propped the door open again. I un prop the door. Suite #3
2. August 9th, 2006, 3:57 am person just outside my window, yelling upstairs to throw a key down. They just jump onto the deck. Suite #3
3. August 10th 2006 Door propped open again. I close it
4. August 20th, 9:00p.m. Male yelling to have keys thrown down. From room above me. Suite #3
5. August 1st 2006: People yelling on the street Barking. Guy upstairs yells back and then throws keys out several people come into the building. Stereo goes on loud 10:29pm Suite #3
6. August 9th 2006: 3:47 am African American Male, standing just outside my window, says his cousin lives in the suite above me. He keeps yelling for tenant. I tell him to either buzz or phone him, but needs to leave the property Suite #3
7. August 10th, 2006 10:03p.m. Door opens no loud click as it closes. This is suspicious, can usually hear door close. Go outside, and look, same male as was outside last my window last night, leaving lobby, and door is propped open with news paper. I close it Suite #3
8. August11th, 2006, 12:46a.m. Constant knows from people one floor up, and across from me. Yelled twice to be quite. 2nd Friday in a rough.Suite #2
9. August 13th 2006 9:30 p.m. Male yelling to be let inside, sliding glass door from suite above me opens, Keys are thrown down. Suite #2
10. August 17, 2006 11:00 smoke coming in windows go outside worried about fire, 2nd floor has barbecue going unattended, fire coming off, but within barbecue. Lots of smoke. I close my windows. Don’t sleep very well Suite #2
11. August 25, 2006 11:55 Constant noise from tenants who need to pay rent. Same as BBQ on deck, guests stand outside and scream, they sit on deck and get loud and drunk. Yell at cars, and people passing. I put in ear peaces Suite #2
12. September 1st, 2006: 3:25 am. Laundry door opens; light gets turned on, someone doing laundry. Doors closing, very loud Suite #2 (baby clothes upon inspection)
13. September 9th 2006, 6:00am Three males yelling on deck above me and over one. I went outside and yelled to be quit. No response. I did it again, and a group of Males start giggling. They became verbally abusive, Start arguing with me, told me to shut up and go inside. Advice I will call the landlord. They tell me to fuck off. I call landlord. They do become quite. 10 minutes later, someone is buzzing to there door. They are buzzed inside, but don’t put down the mouth there intercom system. So you can hear them through the speakers out the front door. I try to buzz it, but no response. Can hear constant noise from there apartment as the intercom is left on. Suite #2
14. November 23rd 10:05 Screaming male outside. Very loud. Front door opens constant noise of a group of people entering. Very upset, people screaming, and yelling, sounds like someone injured. I go outside as the noise is really loud, want to see who is entering the building. I get to lobby and there is group of 4 people, 1 white male, 5’11, and one female 5, 2. Pulling on door. Yelling at me to open it. I say no. I don’t know who they are. Girl gets really angry. Buzzes room above me. She is screaming, “my boyfriend was stabbed” Door is buzzed open at least 8 people head upstairs. I go back to my room. I Call Raj. Police and or ambulance (see the flashing lights through my blinds) Suite #3
15. November 25th 2006 1:30am Screams from girls outside, as tenants above throw snowballs at them. Door slams and noise from above as a group of kids come in and out of the building. Suite #3
16. December 23rd 2006 1:30-3:00am very loud banging at about 1:30am not consistent, fell asleep then at 3:00am very loud banging, liked door being slammed close repeatedly
17. January 8th 2007 Up late with constant noise, closed my windows, and put on ear peaces Suite #3
18. 4:32 pm ex tenant (the ones evicted) are sitting in the lobby, with baby stroller. Looking for his check from government. I advice he needs to leave, and to contact the post office.
19. January 20th, 2007: 12:28 Constant noise from unit #3 people yelling, music loud, argument in the lobby, yelling and screaming. Female and male arguing at front door. Very loud. I tell them to argue somewhere else. Male tells me to “chill out”
20. January 25th 2007 two females outside window @ 12:07 loud yelling. Room above me opens deck door and they climb up. very loud yelling for to get attention of room above me
21. January 30th Raj says eviction giving to Suite #3
22. Feb 5th, left message for Raj to advice what’s happening with eviction of Suite #3
23. February 8th, 10:45. Van parked outside, door propped open, people moving items upstairs. To suite across from #3 the new tenants. I advice them it’s way to late to be moving in.
24. Feb 13th Raj called and requested I go to room across from #2 and collect rent check. I returned call to Raj, Tenant says no check from government for rent, also had me go ask for post dated cheque's, tenant says bank hasn't given her cheque’s yet, passed message on to Raj
25. March 1st Raj entered Unit #3 as no answer, has given final eviction notice
26. March 7, 2007 Dryer not working, leave message for Raj on her cell
27. March 9th, 2007 1:00am black Honda civic with three mails, parked outside. Heard very loud whistling. Three mail cross the street to get attention, of girls, they come down stairs go outside smoke weed or are passing a cigarette around all five people that makes them cough. Call police but car leaves before it arrives.
28. March 9th, 2007 2:00 am same car back again, sitting across the street. Called police again, stereo is so loud, I can hear it inside my apartment. They stand outside and try to get the attention of the girls again.

These were the numbered notes above were from my day planner, and palm pilot. These were the ones I imputed with a date and time. The notes below are from my palm pilot, but from the note section. With no specific time or date.

Memo’s from my palm pilot

Noise upstairs, loud music, loud voices, Thumping, banging, girls screaming, went up stairs to ask them to quite down, unit #3 people across the hall from them having a party, said sorry, but within 10 minutes noise is back I called police and landlord, 14 people leave, when police come. People back 10 minutes later. Whole building smells like weed, and cigarettes. Another group comes at about 2:00 am

Friday 12:30 two females yelling outside, male opens deck they climb up from outside, group of teens standing outside apartment very loud, holding door open, while yelling at friends in car parked on street.

Very loud banging up stairs, 12:44 am, Man yelling, woke up sound moved threw the apartment. Then a huge bang and a scream. Sounded like a female, scream sounded bad then a huge thud. Banging stopped but stereo was turned on. Called 911 as really horrible scream. Police come, but tenants won’t open door. Police eventually get in. Find female’s and groups of people in apartment.

1:40 Fire alarm going off, black car (possible a CRV) pulling away got crappy video of car leaving, car has a loud muffler.

Police hear till 3:29 am Tenants in room #3 would’t open door. When police knocked for what seemed like hours. I am getting very frustrated

Saw tenant above me on bus on my way home from school. He laughs at me. Like he is enjoying how difficult they are being. I don’t want to go home. We get off bus at same stop. I walk away.

That is the information I am making for my landlord. It was really interesting to put all the notes together. Makes me wonder why I am still here.

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