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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sun Run Training Clinic

This is a photo of the 10kl clinic group on our 8kl Sunday run. The half marathon group ran with us today, as they were short a clinic instructor. They had a 9kl run today, and the 10kl clinic had a 8 kl run. We wound up running about 8.4kl to try and meat in the middle. The weather was perfect for a nice 10 and 1 run. It was cold to start, but dry. The rain came out perfect just as we all got back to the Running Room.

It was quit a site to see all the people from the 2 groups running down the street. I got a little slack on the run route today, as there were some hills added in. In my defense I didn't plan the route! I was using a pre-planned route from one of the other runners at the Running Room.

For a few of the runs I have been biking in before hand. It's an ideal 5kl ride from my house to the Running Room. So I get a nice 10k bike ride and then, depending on the days run, up to about a 10kl run.

I am still finding fitting school/training/work hard to fit in. One thing I forgot about running is how it grounds me. I am putting all I have into everything going on each day, so I can only do what I can do. My mood is a little better about school. If I try my hardest, and can't "get" the class. This may be a sign that it's not for me.

I slept like crap last night. I don't know why, it was quite, I was rested, my neighbors have been fairly quite. There have been no police for a couple of nights. They have been evicted and half to be out by the end of the month.

Mandy was not violent during her sleep attacks on me ;) I think I am still in shock at how much more is going on this semester. I have rescheduled my week, so it was the first week at the new schedule, of less hours at work, one forced rest day, and then two days of tutoring. I am looking forward to next week, I have two days off school, so I will be catching up on my reading, and studying. I just want to find my feet again, and feel like I am in a position to take information in.

I am waiting for a laptop to come from Assisted Technology's. It's a grant I receive that provides me with some tools to put myself at an even keel for school. I am hoping this week goes a little better than last, but I am not expecting much. It's been a constant few weeks of crap. I must say again if it wasn't for my time with Mandy, and my running/biking. I think my head would have swelled inside my skull again. I have been looking in my mail everyday for the last week as I am excited about the Chicago Marathon Book to come. They did a little interview of me and what I have been through and I am apparently in it. So in a way I feel weird yet I am excited at the same time. That is another blog entry at another time about how we focus on what tragedy's people overcome, instead of the people who work just as hard every day and never get noticed. But then I think I would complain about winning the lottery. Why not 1.2 million instead of 1 million.......

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