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Monday, November 27, 2006

My Video Journey To The 2006 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon

On the way to the airport at 3:00 am before the Marathon. That is Nadja driving, and Mandy in the passenger seat. It's way to early, but we need to be at the airport early to get to our plane to Chicago.

Getting to our room in the Chicago Hilton Hotel the day before the Marathon.

We get some sleep and wake up again way to early. Mandy and I had gone shopping the night before and explored a bit of Chicago. Kathy had gotten in around the same time as us, and we all head to bed early. We are eating some food we got the night before. I didn't want to eat anything really different from what I ate while I trained.

We get to the Marathon with just enough time to hit the Bathroom, and jump into the starting line.

During the run I take some time to steel a kiss from Mandy. She flew all the from Vancouver just to take these video's and photo's. You rock Mandy!!

I cross the finish line with my sister. We did it. My first Marathon completed. It's hard to explain how I felt on the walk back. I was on a runners high, my sweat was freezing up, and the crowd was huge. Kathy and I are so tired, yet so exhilarated. Mandy almost falls over the curb while taking the video. What an awsome experience. Next is the triathlon. I already bought the bike! Keep watching the blog!!

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Anonymous said...

if i were you i would have stolen a kiss from mandy and then pushed her off the curb. er... wait... thats what you did! hahaha for reals tho, proud of you big guy, even though you were running, which is a bit masochistic. but whatever turns your crank. you freak. i miss our heavy petting sessions.
- parry