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Monday, June 12, 2006

The Running Room Marathon Clinic

I had my first long run with the Running Room. It was the second run that the group has done. On June 8th we ran 6kl. On June 10th I ran 6.13kl on my own. Then on Sunday the 11th (at 8:30 in the morning) I ran 9kl in about 1:08hr. I am in the "just finish crew" there are other crews that are going for specific times to finish the Marathon. I just want to finish.

There were about 22 people on this run on Sunday.

There are two prime running instructors from the Running Room. One is Daryl The other is Angela (below)
-this picture is better than the one I had on previously posted.

Here is a collection of photos from our run.

I must say this is a very cool way to prepare for a marathon. We meet twice a week and we have guest speakers, who cover things like food, stretching, mental preparation, clothes and all sorts of stuff. Everyone is really supportive, and all your fellow runners are super supportive. I also received my official LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon confirmation


wyn said...

Hi Dave,
This is Wynne from the Marathon Clinic. I just read through all your entries and it was an amazing read since I didn't hear your story during the first few runs we had. WOW. Between work/school, training, and personal lives, this is going to be a really fun ride! =)
I have a blog on blogspot, too, which is about 40% training related these days. =)

mandy said...

YEAH Dave! I'm here to be your ultimate support / groupie :P
Whatev you need, I gots it!