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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Part of the Running Crew & Renovation Of My Apartment

Here is my new place. You can see my windows on the bottom floor. Just behind the bushes. The inside needs some work. Mandy and I are painting the sealing, the walls, and we will have new floors installed. The oven needs to be replaced as you can see

I have spent the last three days renovating the interior and keeping up with my jogging, were talking about 10 to 12 hours a day at the apartment and then my regular runs at the running room.

The running room is going well. I have logged over 40 kl last week, and we are forming a group of fellow runners if roughly the same speed group.

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I apologize for the crappy pictures of the running crew. I will get better. These don't do you all justice.


mandy said...

This is awsome, in all reality I haven't been as up with checking your blog lately and Imust say the pics, etc. are really great! Great for you and for your running crew! Keep up the great work to you and your running buddies!

Parry said...

nice bit of squalor to call your own. you've come a long way baby! haha

mmmmmm i like cookies