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Monday, February 06, 2006

First Day Back To School

So I had my first math class today. I learned about Proper Fraction, with hole numbers and mixed numbers. Adding fractions with different denominators. It wasn't as scary at I thought. I got really interested once I got started. My teacher is really cool. It is a "go at your own pace kind of setting". It is for 2 hours twice a week. I met some of the other students and we were all feeling about the same. Scared, worried and old. But to find out we were not alone was really cool.

I also got a call my OT who was trying to find out my schedule for the next month. This is the same OT (occupational therapist) who screwed up on the driving assessment, by telling Me, and My family over ten months ago that she was on top of scheduling it. Phone call after phone call and 9 months later she says it has nothing to do with her. So this week I mentioned that I was a little frustrated at the slow pace of things. My, OT supplied memory teacher reads from a book that even he hasn't red, with such fun topics as, this week we are learning how write in a dayplanner. I try to explain that I need to focus on how to remember things, not "righting things in your dayplanner will help you remember to do them" Wow I never would have thought to put down appointments in my day planner, or meetings. Wait yes I have. They have great tips like "when entering dates, or scheduled things to do, use a different color ink to help them stand out" I figure I will let them see my blog, then ask them how fill out a dayplanner again!!! What I want to do is learn how to improve my short term memory now that I am back to school, I don't want to spend all that time in a class only to forget what I just learned. I have a memory aid book from my OT and my memory trainer, and after going through all the hot topics like "setting an alarm can remind you what time to get up". We finally got the section on how to improve you memory. Then I find out they skip that section!!!! I must state again I have found the OT's to be extremely difficult. They are slow, do not give precise information, and seam to treat me like I should understand how an OT works. I have never experienced an OT company before, and even if I did I would have forgotten!!!!

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