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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Driving Test & School

So I took a huge step yesterday and went to find out about getting back to school. I never graduated from grade twelve, because I was living on my own at 15. I dropped out before the year ended (well I just stopped going) and never graduated. I did go to the Graduation ceremony, but never had enough credits to actually graduate. I was working at Safeway at the time, and found that making money (not a bad amount of cash for 15 yr old) and living on your own, were not the best environment to promote the "stay in school" thought. My home became party center and while everyone else was in class I worked, came home (buying dope on the way) and the party was at my place.

So 17 years later I am going back to get my grade twelve, and scared shittles. My first class is on this Monday and its Math. Then I have Biology on Tuesday. My goal is to get into the Nursing program at either University or BCIT. I was extremely impressed by the nurses when I was in the hospital.

Today I had my driving test. I have not been driving since leaving the hospital. I wanted to make sure I would remember how to drive, ok I was more worried about getting sued than having an accident, weather my fault or not and some lawyer and insurance company freaking that maybe I forgot what the brake does.
So I had my test, and did extremely well. Passed with flying colors. So only 10 months in the waiting I can drive again. Who wants to go out for dinner ;Â’) Now watch my next blogentrye note be about my accident


Parry said...

don't worry dave, even with your half brain you're a better driver than the majority of vancouver!!!

way to go back to school! you are an inspiration to me. No really. Seriously. I love you. No, you don't understand, I REALLY love you. Will you hold me. Just... just hold me. Now kiss me like you've never kissed me before!!!

U dirty junkie scumfcuk!

Loren said...

School starting so soon? Good on you. now that you can drive come out for dinner sum time. or a meeting i do want to go to one of those.


Dave said...

I have to wait for the paperwork for the driving to start. I have passed the test's, now they inform my Dr. who informs ICBC, who informs the government. It should all take about a week. Then the only obstical will be the owners of the vehicle. They still quite understand the need for the meeting, they think I am cured. But as far as school, and other needs I will be able to use it. I figure as long as I pay for gas it should be ok. Thanks for your support, and Parry I still have you in me.

mandy said...

I'm really proud of you! I don't think you're completely aware of how much guts a person's gotta have to take the huge step of starting school again! I just wanted you to know....Also, keep up with the writing, the odd long rant is totally me!

Lot's of love from me to you!

Parry said...

nope mandy is completely wrong. bottle up your feelings until you turn into a festering pile of emotions and snap on those closest to you. talking about your feelings is weak, and blogging is for fags and communists. by the way, check out my blog!

Lea said...

For Nursing schools, I would recommend Douglas College or any other college (not university). My brother's at Douglas and they do a lot more "on the job" training (i.e. start in 2nd year) than UBC folks (who don't start until 3rd year). Nursing is a great choice as there are tons of openings in this profession. You'll find a job in a snap! I've heard that a Californian hospital would be willing to pay your student loans (if you have any) just so you can work for them. Good luck with school!

Dave said...

Thanks for the info Lea. I will check out Douglas today.