This is what I drank in training, and the Ironman. Now it's the Goofy Challenge

Sunday, September 13, 2009

2010 Goofy Challenge at Disney World

So it has been two weeks today that I finished the Penticton Ironman. A week after getting home I was hit by a cold or a flu and today I started to feel better. So I am starting my Training Plan for the Goofy Challenge. It is a marathon on the Saturday and a half-marathon on the Sunday. Goofy Race and Half Challenge 2010

I will be working more this time around as the training schedule will be less intense than the Ironman training. I still want to push myself as I am going to be seeing how I do on running such great distances back to back. I am planning on running a Marathon a day from one side of Canada to the other in the next year or so.

I am unsure if I should make a new blog for the Goofy Challenge, or just add it to this blog. I think I will do it on this blog.

I will post my workout schedule and if anyone wants to go for a run, just email me. I am going to train for an under 3:00 marathon time and a 2 hour Half time. Thinking that on the Sunday I will be a little sore. If anyone has any training advice let me know.

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