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Monday, March 19, 2007

A Fast and Dirty Blog Entry

It's been a busy few weeks. I am really having fun with my 10kl clinic. A great group of runners. I never thought I would enjoy it is much as I did. I never thought I would enjoy seeing people push themselves, and achieving things they didn't think they could do. I don't know if it's because I know how hard it is to run as far as we do, but it's also forcing yourself to run on days when you would rather do anything but run, or early on Sunday's in the rain....Truly a cool thing. I only wish I could have given more time to the group. I tried to use as much as I could, but with school, and work, and not sleeping because of the idiots above me.

Mandy is off in China right now, she is there with her Mom, and Sister, and a group of class mates from Junko's school (Mandy's sister) My parents are in town and have been able to join me for a couple of Sunday runs. School is still kicking my ass, but I have resolved that even if I don't pass it's OK. I am attending first year college after many years of being out of school, plus adding a brain injury to the equation. Not to mention the stress of living in this crack house.

Speaking of crack house. Here is the latest on the tenants above me. At the beginning of the month they were given there eviction notice. They had 5 days to dispute it, which they did not. But they still have not left, the landlord says they have to file with a sheriff to physically remove them from the building, and that takes about 15-20 days. At a few hundred dollars to. So it is very frustrating for the other 5 tenants in the building, because it comes out like these guys can do what they want, with no punishment. I do believe (and I know from my old days) that living like this does catch up with you. Most of the time. It's funny because once the frustration turns to anger, the anger eventually turns to feeling sorry for them. You wonder when the demands come for them, they must be pretty intense. What I really liked was the landlords Dad was talking to them tonight, and they played a race card on him. Saying the only reason they are being evicted is because they are black. Now you have to realize that my Landlord and her Dad are East Indian. The Dad's English is very limited. So it was funny to see a black guy calling the brown guy a racist, while me, the white guy, is right there. I mentioned that the fact that we was black had nothing to do with the reason they are being evicted, it was the lack of rent, the threats, the almost weekly calls to the police, the drugs, the illegal tenants, the spray paint, and the breaking into the electrical room to mess with there hydro, the stealing TV cable lines, the destruction of property. Was more likely the issue, not the race. It hasn't been as loud, but still I don't feel save in my place. It's not even that I don't feel save, it's that I don't feel relaxed. I feel stressed. Every day as I come home from school, or work, or a run, I am nervous. I don't feel secure. So add to the natural crap that live can throw at ya, and I tell ya, it's a wonder I haven't malled a midget in anger, or freaked out and climbed a clock tower with a rifle.

As far as moving out goes, if they have not left by the time I am done this semester I will be moving out. I want to move out now, but with school, work, and instructing the clinic, while trying to do wedding stuff, and train for the triathlon. Moving at this point is not going to happen.

Getting used to my new equipment has been fun. The computer, the voice recorder, the programs. I truly love technology. Technology and Sports.....I wonder if there is a job that fuses the two. Maybe car racing....anyway I am distracting myself.

Filled out my next semesters worth of student loans. I have to call them tomorrow to make sure I filled it out right. Anyway I am tired.

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