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Monday, May 08, 2006

Sun Run 2006 Photos

Here is me at the Vancouver Sun Run. It was a great run and a beautiful day. I finished in 1 hour 6 minutes, and that is after getting attacked by a lady jogger who tripped me on a sidewalk!! Just reinforces my theory that Old Woman are the downfall of today's society (joke) There were over 50,000 people at this years Run. Next year I will enter the expert category, not because I am an expert but because there were so many people you couldn't run at your common race speed. At least I could loose in comfort in the expert category. My next Run will be the 2006 Chicago Marathon with my sister in a few months.
 Posted by Picasa This is at the finish. All photo's were talking by my Fiance


Mandy said...

That's one hot hot swollen foot there. What's your name?

Parry said...

jesus christ you skinny bastard! what happened to the dave i remember - the lazy fuck who wouldn't exercise if his life depended on it (literally)!

Oh by the way - you want a smoke? :D

Talk to you tonight big boy lelelellulululuhehehelelelel